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Life is fun, and we all face challenges that needs to be addressed now and then. You found this website for a reason.....

We are able to do more, with less effort, than we think!

Expectations, fear, learned behavior, keeping up appearances, frustration, and unaware patterns, keep us from being happy, authentic, creative and pursuing our dreams.

I invite you to face up to these challenges and approach them with forgiveness,  playfulness and serious self confrontation in order to surface the best outcome.

Suzanne Meijroos facilitates workshops, lectures and seminars on personal development and performance. Specialized in the workings of ego, these sessions touch the core source of (inner) conflict, and enables to reconnect with personal motivation, energy and Self Confidence. For those who wish to open up to the possibilities offered, these sessions have the potential to stretch deeper than the average.

In the corporate world she provides lectures on behavior management, authenticity, leadership and networking from the heart.

Who is Suzanne Meijroos?
Suzanne Meijroos, author, inspirator, (spiritual) speaker.
Author of the books "Own-Wisdom" and "The Influence of Unity” expert on personal development and behavior management.

We have much more influence on our happiness and direct environment then we think. We are simply not aware enough of our impact and opportunities. 93% of our success in life comes from our own mindset.

It is my personal mission to bring more awareness on unaware inner and outer processes, they are often loaded with some kind of rejection or resistance, in our thinking and behavior. I love to stimulate and open eyes, to make an aware choice to alter this attitude in full self supporting confidence, and acceptance.

Authenticity is the consequence of self aware choices.

Without ever ending my studies on the University of Life, i still evolve in my experiences, personal struggles and revelations. I had my traumas, life lessons and frustrations in the past, and they brought me a unique collection of insights in life.
The inner drive to experience even more happiness and awe in day to day experiences, allows me to investigate myself over and over again. On a daily basis I find new aspects that are of great value to me, that i can share with others.

How we tackle life now is mainly influenced by what people have told us, taught us, and expect from us. This does not mean you are at peace with that, and feel you are able to fully express yourself the way you wish to.
How we treat ourselves is far from ideal and that’s where an enormous amount of personal potential is still waiting to be explored.

With the current changes in perception and awareness many people become increasingly sensitive, frustrated, emotionally drained, or even burned out by (inner) conflicts.
“Conflicts are in your life to stress you to an extent, that you actually wish to change something”.

This fired my motivation to wake people up to their own potential and speak about the alternatives that will bring them more inner peace, self-confidence, authenticity, and happiness.

A session with Suzanne is a guarantee to be touched in the heart, get the tools  to connect on a deep level, and become aware of our own potential, to let go and have more fun.

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Suzanne Meijroos
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